A lesson in getting re-hired on a daily basis

In a split second, we all saw something was wrong. Our friends’ face showed it all. 

I was taking part in a weekly virtual co-working session, known as GoGoDone. The premise of these sessions is to virtually connect with others looking to accomplish some work. We share what we’re planning to get done, break off for 25 minutes to work on it, regroup for 5 minutes to share our progress and repeat for two more sessions. It’s 90 minutes of focused and productive work with a community unlike any other.

Whatever our friend had planned to accomplish during this session was about to take a back seat to the fire drill that had just landed on her lap.

At the end of the session, for our final regroup, she seemed relieved, a weight had been lifted. She and her team had resolved the issue that had popped up unexpectedly. 

In recapping the event, she said something that showed her wisdom as a leader and that resonated with me:

"I always try to remind my team, it's important to show up with your best self, do the work and contribute. But, we get re-hired by how we deal with problems. How we use the opportunities to strengthen our relationships with our clients. Because problems will occur, and how we deal with them is a chance to show our value."

This was a brilliant lesson and I appreciated her generosity in sharing it. 

In business, much like life, we work to present a polished, glossy narrative that shows us in our best light in order to convince others to choose us. But, life isn’t our best marketing material. Life and work are messy, complex and not always straight-forward. 

It’s not enough to convince others to choose you. You have to remind them why they should continue choosing you. 

Proving you are skilled, graceful, calm and confident at solving or resolving challenges is a good place to start. 

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