Tell me if this sounds familiar. 

You’ve had success building a name for yourself as a doer, a top-performer, an achiever.

Someone who can get shit done. 

Where others say it’s not possible, you do the work and show them it is. You jump at every opportunity, every project and deliver outstanding results. You say yes to anything that lands on your lap. You thrive as an individual contributor.

But it’s never enough. You want more.

Hi. I’m Diego.

I’m a high-acheiver. 

I am also really good at getting shit done. 

Give me a to-do list or a project and I’ll attack it with the furor of blitzkrieg.

But, one day, I found myself wondering “What’s the point?” 

You see, I’ve also been obsessed with finding the answer to a question that’s been central to my professional career:

What is my why? What is my purpose?

I realized that my to-do list and goals weren’t always dictated by me. It’s easier to let others give us a list of things to do, to influence us into doing the things we think we’re supposed to be doing. 

Answering the purpose question isn’t easy. It’s requires you to acknowledge that perhaps many of your past accomplishments were superficial and lacked focus. 

I was terrified of answering the purpose question for years. Because I’d threaded these accomplishments deeply into my identity and was scared to answer honestly, “What was the point?

It takes courage to see yourself for who you are, especially after years of chasing dreams you thought you were supposed to be chasing.  

But, I’ve found that this self-awareness comes with a gift – a world of endless possibilities. 

If you’re someone who is used to collecting achievements but find yourself wondering what’s it for? Join me on the journey. 

The Process of Being was born out of this idea – that a purposeful life isn’t born in the fires of doing but in the process of learning who we are, the process of being who you were meant to be. 

This blog will be a place where I’ll be exploring ideas on how to find that purpose, how to lead with it and inspire others to find their answer to life’s question of “what’s it for?” 

What would your life look like if it were focused, constrained by purpose? 

What could you achieve? 

What could be possible? For your personal life? Professional life? 

What kind of parent or partner would you be? 

What type of community could you build?

One thing is for certain, we all face the same end. Death will come for us. So, when it comes for you, what will your life have been for?

My hope is not to inspire you. Inspiration is fleeting. Purpose is lasting. 

Imagine what you could accomplish? 

Thanks for letting me be part of this journey with you. It’s an honor I take seriously.

– Diego M. Gonzalez

Will blog for hugs