Better, Not More

More isn’t the answer. Although, they’ll tell you it is. More is what’s been sold. But, what it promises is a false sense of progress. More is an unending cycle, that commands more to sustain itself. You won’t find happiness in more. More costs greater than what the price tag states. Once we’re sold on the idea that more is what we need, more becomes the end goal. More distracts us from what we really need. 

I have enough.  I don’t need more. 

I need better. 

Better accepts me for where I am. Better expects me to contribute meaningfully. Better grows from within and shines outwardly. Better deepens connections. Better commands creativity, grit, curiosity, and discipline. Better holds me accountable, asks me to take ownership.

If there’s anything we need more of, it’s others in search of better, not more.

Is that you?

2 thoughts on “Better, Not More”

    1. Absolutely love this Loren. Several years ago I started thinking about what does 1% better look like each day. It has such a huge impact in the long run

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