But what did you learn?

There’s no point in sugar-coating it. This sucks. We’ve lost hundreds of thousands of people to the pandemic. There’s still much uncertainty about what the future looks like or when normalcy will return. 

Many of us (parents especially) are juggling additional roles we’re not equipped nor prepared for.  

As the seasons change and we’re forced back indoors, we’re bound to start feeling even more confined. Holidays that once helped ease us into the colder months by giving us something to celebrate are bound to look different. 

There will continue to be disruption to life as we knew it and there’s no telling when it will end.

But what’s even worse than all of this is if we only focus on how bad things are and learn nothing from this moment. 

This is a time to find appreciation in the ordinary

A walk around the block.

Quality time with family.

Playing with your kids.

Moments of quiet in the stillness of the early morning.

A mid-afternoon nap.

A great workout.

Conversation with a good friend.

An evening reading a book. 

These have always been accessible but often got buried among the myriad of activities we thought were important. 

And now with many of our options removed, what better time to learn how to savor the little moments that life gifts us. Gratitude is a practice, so why not start practicing now.

Because normalcy will eventually return and if we haven’t practiced, we’re lying to ourselves if we think we’ll make it a priority then. Who’s to say we’ll even be around when normalcy returns. 

Don’t squander the opportunity of the moment. No matter how bad life gets, there’s always opportunity for growth.

Life will always be rife with difficulty and suck – we’re really good at noticing these moments. Start noticing the good in life. Stop putting things off for a later date and stop taking things for granted. 

Life is short. It can be disrupted. We can lose everything. But, our ability to enjoy it and find appreciation is entirely within our control. Appreciate it while you can.

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