Hope as a Choice

As of late there’s something extra in the air, something that is hard to shake. It’s unsettling – an underlying existential anxiety or dread. It’s hard to escape from. It feels as if it’s become part of the background noise – absorbed into the ambience. 

It begins to seep into your bones and your body carries the weight of it all.

A funk without hope. 

But, tread carefully.

This ground, while heavy, is fertile for shaping your view of the world. And ultimately, the trajectory of your life. 

This is a pivotal fork in the road, not to be taken lightly.

A moment to decide what deep belief you want to hold about how to view the world.  

Because deep beliefs unwaver during times of uncertainy like these. 

Down one path, the world, situation, or outcome is hopeless and filled with dread. A belief that no matter what we do, it won’t make a difference. And if nothing matters, why care about anything or open ourselves up to the world.

Down the other path, is hope. And hope is a decision (this distinction is important).

A decision that you’d prefer to live with intent. A path with a deep belief that we must not waver from because it is our contribution to the world. 

This is a choice to believe that better is still possible, even in the face of the bleakest of situations. A commitment that no matter how dire it may seem, you choose to believe that better is possible.

And so you fight.

You make the choice to fight. 

Because without hope, better is not possible.

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