Leadership is a capability beyond ourselves

There are skills in life we pursue because we hope to improve ourselves. 

We exercise because we want to be healthy. We read because we want to be knowledgable. We work on being mindful so we can regulate our emotions. We practice gratitude to find contentment.

Leadership isn’t like these. It’s different from these skills.

Like parenting, leadership is something we grow into. It’s a capability with unlimited potential. 

But, our potential for greatness lies beyond ourselves. We cannot be great parents or leaders on our own. 

Rather, it’s a continuous pursuit to be worthy of serving the people we lead. 

If we don’t calibrate our true north to align with the people we hope to lead, we fail to grasp what it takes to be great.

It takes courage and vulnerability to serve others, to take honest stock of the part you’re playing in building people up or impeding their growth. 

No one is born a great leader or a parent. We learn by having the courage to try, knowing we may fail. And when we do fail, we honor failure with grace and a strengthened commitment to our responsibility. Because our failure isn’t ours alone, but impacts those we lead. We must own our part and reflect on how we can do better. 

We may not yet be worthy, but it’s the only way forward. 

It’s how we strengthen our capacity to be a great leader or parent.

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