Life is Magical

How we pay attention to the present moment largely determines the character of our experience and, therefore, the quality of our lives.

Sam Harris

Have you ever stopped to think about what it took for you to be where you are today?

Think of all the people who helped you get here. All the people that believed in you and gave you a shot. 

What opportunities were you given or not given that fueled you?

What about the times luck was on your side?

Even beyond yourself, think of what it means to be alive. Think of all the familly that came before you, the choices they made that allowed for their next of kin to make it to present day. What things did they survive and overcome?

Can you imagine living in the 1800’s without modern medicine or science? Imagine hitching up the covered wagon for a voyage into town and facing hostile natives or a lawless gunman or the threat of dysentary.

Think about all the modern day conveniences you are afforded.

Have you ever stopped to think how INSANE it is that we can board a giant steel tube with wings, travel 500+ mph just to cross the world in the span of a day (AND you get a bag of salty peanuts!)? 

Consider all the information you have available to you when several hundred years ago a single (delicious smelling) leather bound book was considered a thing of royalty and wealth. 

There’s plenty of things worth fretting over and feeling anxious about, I won’t argue with you there.

But if that’s where your mind lives by default, know there is another option.

Life is magical in the here and now.

You just need to look for it in your daily existence. 

Take a beat and look for it. 

I promise it’s there

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