The future looks bright

We are seated for dinner when my oldest daughter starts telling us about her day.

She shares that her first grade class didn’t get to take part in certain PE activities because several students were being rowdy and weren’t listening to the teacher.

We ask her to elaborate.

“Jamison (name changed) had been chanting ‘Boys rule and girls drool’” she says.

My wife responds with empathy, “yeah, that wasn’t a very nice thing to say, was it?”

Isla looks at my wife and with a slight look of confusion replies, “I don’t even understand why he said that.”

I jokingly jump in, “You know what you should have said back to him?” And I break out singing Queen Bey’s infamous girl anthem ‘Run the World (Girls)’ thinking this is an opportunity to light-heartedly teach her to be confident with who she is.

After a few seconds of humoring me, Isla looks back at me and responds, “No, Papi,” clearly annoyed and in a tone that indicates I should be taking this more seriously. “He should have actually said ‘Girls rule. Boys rule. And no one drools’”

I look at her, slightly stunned by the wisdom and kindness of her comment – how naturally it came to her. I’m able to see the world through the eyes of a six year old and it’s one of equality.

It seems, she’s the one with something to teach me.

And for a fleeting moment, I feel hopeful about the future before we carry on with our dinner conversation.

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