The Knowing of Writing

One of the most curious things I have yet to understand is why I write. What about writing pulls me towards it like it does?

Sometimes I have a perspective or point of view I want to share with the world – such as when I write my thoughts on leadership, purpose or mindfulness.

Other times, I am compelled to share a story or experience that feels insightful with others who may find it useful.

And sometimes, I write to capture special moments that I want to emphasize and give meaning to in the larger narrative of my life. In this instance, I write to remember.

Either way, I write. And I’ve found that when I don’t write, something feels off – jittery almost. It’s as if I fail to write, then I’m not contributing to some larger context. It can spiral into an existential crisis, in the dramatic all-or-nothing thinking I’m susceptible to.

I just finished reading Glennon Doyle’s Untamed and I think I finally understand why.

In it she writes about The Knowing. The Knowing is that feeling we have deep inside ourselves that speaks truth to us. It’s our intuition, our gut feeling, that part that biology has helped us fine tune for millennia.

We all have The Knowing. In her book she shares the following on how to tap into it:

Moment of uncertainty arises
Breathe, turn inward, sink.
Feel around for the Knowing.
Do the next thing it nudges you toward.
Let it stand. (Don’t explain.)
Repeat forever.
(For the rest of your life: Continue to shorten the gap between the Knowing and the doing.)

Writing is something I just know I need to do. I do not know why.

Perhaps writing is my opportunity to practice connecting with my knowing. It is the lesson upon which I learn to close a gap between knowing and doing and can then apply it in different contexts.

After all, isn’t the gap between knowing and doing where life is lived – our opportunity to live in the present?

Whatever the reason, the Knowing’s greatest lesson is in teaching us to trust ourselves.

I’m learning to trust myself.

And so, I write.

We’d be wise not to ignore that part of us that moves us towards the truest version of ourselves.

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