Your Head is a Big Fat Liar

It’s not good enough, will never be good enough.

Who are you, anyways? 

You’re not an expert. You know nothing.

Why would anyone listen to you about this?

The voice in your head

That’s just your head being a big fat liar (a bit overdramatic, if you ask me). It’s just doing what it can to protect you from danger.  

But, if you think about it, what’s really at stake? 

What if it fails (and it may fail)?

Have you never failed? Were you maimed by it? Eviscerated, perhaps? I doubt it even came close to such.

Instead, let’s treat our head like the big fat liar it is. Pay it no mind. Recognize that its lies are a sign to push through the doubt rather than stop.

I promise, it’s good enough. 

Now that we’ve cleared that up, get back to work. The world needs your talent and leadership now, more than ever.

Bonus! This post was part of a challenge with a friend and fellow blogger, Matt Fried, to write a post with the same title. Check out his version of “Your Head Is A Big Fat Liar” also published today on his blog,

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